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Eddsworld - The End (Final animation and animatic comparison)

C4D Tutorial: Triangles on Vimeo

In this tutorial I will try to explain the use of Surface and Displacer modifiers as well as a bit of hair and cloner to recreate a scene by Rich Nosworthy.

Cinema 4D - Shattering Dynamic Objects Tutorial

In this step by step tutorial, Lawrence Black walks us through the process of shattering dynamic objects inside of Cinema

Cinema 4D – How to Create a Claymation/Stop-Motion Look Tutorial

This tutorial covers texturing and animating, and includes a bunch of tips and strategies to achieve claymation/stop-motion look in Cinema

bunch of Mocha  AE tuts

Fundamentals of Mocha - 14 - Camera Solver - Solving for Moving Shapes

Brainstorm button in AE http://cgi.tutsplus.com/tutorials/an-overview-of-brainstorm-in-after-effects--ae-28076

An Overview of Brainstorm in After Effects by Daniel Brodesky, In this video, we'll learn about the Brainstorm feature. It's included inside of After Effects and many people don't even know about it.

How To Create Bizarre Slit Scan Video using After Effects  Read more: http://www.cgmotionbox.com/2014/01/create-bizarre-slit-scan-video-using-effects/#ixzz2py6ruHjf

How To Create Bizarre Slit Scan Video using After Effects. See how After Effects can be used to displace time to create bizarre and other-wo.

Particle Man Tutorial by Peder Norrby. particles with motion vectors from footage

particles with motion vectors from footage RE:Vision Twixtor Pro Trapcode Particular Adobe After Effects process.

Film Dust and Scratches (and a little extra) - Adobe After Effects tutorial

Make your video dusty and scratchy and you don't even have to own a projector or film camera. Just Adobe After Effects! I'm using adobe CC but you can do thi.