In case if you haven't heard of these great Polish inventors & innovators.

Just some of the work of the great Polish inventors and their contribution to world's technological development *Jacek Karpiński was born in Torino, Italy, but was Polish

Tumski Bridge, Wroclaw, Poland

Most Tumski , Wrocław, Polska

Poland, Wiktor Górka, 1968

You can have airplane instead of chicken for small extra fee. Polish Airlines, by Wiktor Gorka 1968

Poland !

Poland !

Licheń, Poland

Licheń, Poland

Circus poster, Poland

CYRK: Vintage Polish Circus Posters

My personal favorite find at the Home Show this year was a collection of vintage circus posters created during Poland's communist era

Poland Fights Nazi Dragon

theartisticendeavor: “Poland Fights Nazi Dragon - Polish War Relief by Arthur Szyk Halftone on paper. Printed by Central Print and Litho.


Polish/Original Title: Polska kraj polowan English/Original Title: Hunting in Poland Poster Designer: Gorka Wiktor

by Daniel Grzeszkiewicz / Poland

And remember - don't eat yellow snow. No dogs allowed

Wrocław, Poland

Murale powracają

Wrocław, Poland

Lantern Festival, Poznan, Poland

Lantern Festival, Poznan, Poland

Keret House the Narrowest Home in the World by  Jakub Szczęsny in Warsaw, Poland

, Jakub Szczęsny designed an art installation entitled Etgar Keret's House, which shall become the narrowest house in Warsaw, since its interior will come to 133 centimeters in.


And if only Govia could run Southern Railway in dry conditions, let alone snow. This pic states my case - it's perfectly possible to run trains in snow!