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Warsaw, Poland  ·  Photography (www.dawidwnuk.com) and advertising (www.be.net/dawidwnuk).
Dawid Wnuk
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Mental Wealth

Mental Wealth (Sony Playstation Commercial) by Chris Cunningham. The Work of Director Chris Cunningham DVD


You thought the riders went through torture, wait till you see what happened to the ŠKODA support cars.


What would I do without Super Bowl ads to explain my own gender to me? Super Bowl 2012 actually seemed less egregiously sexist than previous years, even given the inevitable…

Everyone is Doing It

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Everyone Is Doing It (Banned)- this commercial shows exactly what we all do while we play call of duty, we all play a different way.

The Hire: Ticker

the BMW series of short live-action films starring Clive Owen is one of the first commercial atempts to merge different stories and offer them on new platforms. BMW Films - The Hire - Ticker

Jeep-In Game (Jeep)

How do you promote Jeep to young, tech-savvy, digital locals? Jeep Poland launched Jeep-in, a geolocalisation game, which turned Poland into a.

U-Codes (Heineken)

Heineken incorporates QR codes into the Open’er Music Festival for better attendee connections - QR Code Press