Dawid Wójcik
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if I didn't already have 2 diamonds, I'd get the one on her knee.. so so cute

More American Traditional Tattoos; Another Sugar Skull, an Owl, a Snake Trying to Bite the Diamond, Banner Work and Assorted Flowers.

This Hill is Your B*#CH.

If one of my friends made a sign like this during my first marathon, I'd die. How freakin' cute, motivating and funny! Love this! # this hill is your bitch

An inspirational blog post:  "You don’t ride away from them only to find them bigger and more terrible when you come back down, like waking up from an epic bender. You #ride through them. There’s a difference"

I've done more cycling in the past 3 weeks than any time of my life. This is how I feel on the rail trails in SW Ontario, absolute freedom!

but this is amazing. "Beautiful thigh tattoo garter style tattoo ivy leaves vine" it would look really cool it you wore a dress with it and then the henna is showing under!