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the instructions for making cake mix are shown in black and white text on a yellow background
12 Essential Life Hacks For North Carolinians
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an image of a text description with the words, tips for fight - scenes and how to use them
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Greenwood Writes
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For the socially inept (like myself)
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an image of someone's text message about being in love with her boyfriends
〻꩜ #NEK0FAIRY !! ﹆⋆。
a text message that reads the quickest show not tell
an article about telling people to tell their stories
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a tweet with a red circle in the middle of it that reads, i was today years old when i found this out
I was today years old when I found this out.... . Caitn ©caitlin_king1 - 2d Tweeting this cause it saved our lives. Never knew google scholar had the citations for u - ur welcome - iFunny