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Pink Whitney Shimmering Jungle Juice | PINK WHITNEY SHIMMERING JUNGLE JUICE ✨ | By Tipsy Bartender | You see all that glow? That shimmer. That's right home boy. I love it. I love it. Feel like you're drinking the Aurora Borealis. This is a Pink Whitney Glitter Jungle Juice. We got the Pink Whitney here. And we go in. The roll. Watch my Beautiful. Everything colorful now. You know what I mean? People making fun of me for years but the colors now everything's colorful. Who is right? Me. I'm ahead of you my boy. I don't usually put ice on my jungle juices but this one. God, why didn't you put the ice first? You could do that. You know, I didn't want. Hold on. You could do that but I didn't, I didn't want like the liquor just melting all the ice and turning it instantaneously into the water. Now, homeboy, we're coming behind with some pink lemonade. Give this a nice shake. Pop the top. And you can just squeeze it out. Come behind that with our spot Another little squeeze. Slow down. Slow. Slow down home boy. Slow down. Hey. Watch yourself now. Watch yourself. Okay. That's why my dishes are so well shaped. Okay, guys. This right here, this is the magic. This is called luster dust. Now, I want you to pay attention. As it is right now being stirred. Nothing's going on. Now, I come in with my luster. They call it all. Was I supposed to put an oil? And now you can notice the streaks beginning to appear. If you slow down, you're gonna notice a little bit of sparkle guys. You see? You see these lines here? They used to be a brand called Veneique. Used to shimmer. So, this is a pink witty version of that shimmer and you could see it as I go faster. Oh yeah, guys. Look at the lines. You see all that glow? That shimmer? That's right, homeboy. I love it. I love it. Feel like you're drinking the and there you have it, okay? The Pink Whitney Shimmering Jungle Juice. As always, drink responsibly. As always, do not drink and drive. And if you drink this, would you sit together, right? Right? Went to the bathroom like would you show up? II don't know. Take a look. Let me know. No pics though. Later.
King Neptune 🧜‍♂️
Here is the Ming Neptune cocktail recipe 🥳 • Hpnotiq • Kinky • Pineapple Juice • Hennessy This drink is a strong, but easy to drink cocktail. This has been my most popular drink on TikTok so far 🤗
Fireball + RumChata + Rootbeer 🍺
Apple Pie cocktail 🍹