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Do this give u a good example what could happen even worse then cry to law do u yell them reasons truths ure a neglecting needy parent

She smelled of sun and daisies with a hint of river water Katie Daisy National gallery London Photo

Some things are too terrible to grasp at once. Other things - naked, sputtering, indelible in their horror - are too terrible to really grasp ever at all. It is only later, in solitude, in memory that the realization dawns: when the ashes are cold; when the mourners have departed; when one looks around and finds oneself - quite to one's surprise - in an entirely different world.

ganymedesrocks: “monkeastman: “ Alba Fucens Angizia, 2008 “ shot by Mimmo Jodice ” ” Alba Fucens, ancient Roman city at the base of Monte Velino (Province of Aquila), is an archaeological jewel that.