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Breakfast Casserole
This hack will change your life!! Making poached eggs can be tricky, but not anymore with this easy hack for poaching eggs in the oven! You can easily make perfect poached eggs. How To Make A Poached Egg, Perfect Poached Eggs, How To Cook Eggs, Poached Eggs Oven, Poached Egg Recipe, Oven Eggs, Oven Recipes Healthy, Egg Recipes
Oven Poached Eggs
This hack will change your life!! Making poached eggs can be tricky, but not anymore with this easy hack for poaching eggs in the oven! You can easily make perfect poached eggs.
I don't know about you....but THIS drives me crazy! And it seems no matter what I do, this is what happens when I try to FRY eggs. A bit of a problem when you Real Food Recipes, Yummy Food, Cooking Tips, Delicious, What's For Breakfast, Healthy Breakfast
In Pursuit Of The Perfect Fried Eggs
I don't know about you....but THIS drives me crazy! And it seems no matter what I do, this is what happens when I try to FRY eggs. A bit of a problem when you
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Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole with Tater Tots | Lemons + Zest
1h 0m
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Man cracks eggs over tortilla for gourmet breakfast that is a feast for the eyes as well
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easy 1 pan breakfast bake | breakfast, egg, cheese, Tater Tots | easy 1 pan breakfast bake girl makes yummy breakfast with tater tots, eggs and cheese! This original video was produced by Network Media, LLC, and... | By My Life | Alright, y'all. You just want a nice layer of tater tots right on the bottom of your pan. We just need a few more. That's perfect. You always want to make sure you grease the bottom of your pan up real nice. You don't want any of this to stick. Alright and we just want to give this a little shake. So next here I love using this Jimadine meat. It's fully cooked meat lovers for breakfast. So we just want to take some of this and sprinkle it all the way around. Just like so. Alright. I think that's good. And you know what? This recipe's great because you can really customize it however you'd like. I'm also going to add a little bit of onion. Just a little bit. It really it really gives that meat some flavor. Mm it smells so good already. It ain't even cooked yet. Alright. We going to put a little bit of parsley. We always need to have something green in our meals, okay? Even if it's just a little bit, a little bit is better than not a lot. We're going to put a little bit of black pepper. Perfect. And then we have some garlic salt. Alright. I love using the garlic salt. Cuz it gives it that nice garlic flavor. We just going to use a little bit of this. Alright? We don't need too much salt. We already got salt from that meat. Next, you know what? Every recipe is better with just a little bit of butter. So, you just put a few butter squares right down the center of this dish. It'll just melt all together real nicely. And then we have our cheddar cheese. Now, I like using sharp cheddar cheese but you can use whatever kind of cheese you like. It's really a personal preference, alright? So, this is a delicious potato breakfast bake using tater tots. You know what? Tater tots are my favorite kind of potato. They're real good. I love the shape and the texture. So, that's that's what I like to use to make this breakfast. Alright, you know what? We just going to use the rest of this cheese. Nice layer right on top. My kids love cheese. We're going to spread that out. So, that's perfect. So, all we going to do is put this in the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes and then we going to cut into it alright y'all so I took this out of the oven about 10 minutes ago so it looks like it's cooked perfectly our our tater tot breakfast bake so now I'm all I'm going to do here I have some of this avocado ranch you know what I just love this so we just going to drizzle a little bit of this right on top just like so alright Now, we're going to serve some up. I'm so hungry. So, remember, all we used here is some tater tots. We use some cooked breakfast meat, some cheese, and eggs. Very easy. All in one pan. You just dump it all in and you throw it in the oven. You can help your kids get ready for school or whatever else you like to do in the morning. We got these beautiful layers in here, hash browns, sausage, cheese, and eggs. Um the hash browns. I meant the tater tots. That's what it is. It's tater tots. I love tater tots. I'm going to cut into this right here. Oh, we have some of the egg. Yeah, we want to get it all. I'm just going to, oh, there we go. We got some of this egg. We got some of this sausage. We got the tater tots, I can't get it on my fork. It keeps trying to run away. Mm mm. That is so good.
Breakfast Items, How To Make Breakfast, Breakfast Biscuit Ideas, Quick Breakfast Ideas, Breakfast On The Go, Breakfast Casserole With Biscuits
easy 1 pan breakfast | breakfast, frying pan | easy 1 pan breakfast I love using these frozen biscuits to make breakfast! So fast and yummy! | By Kristin's Friends | Friends and biscuits. Lining them up at the bottom of our pan. Oh that one's stuck together so we're going to skip that one for now. Even do rows of three or four. Whatever fits. So, we just want to line the bottom of the pan, okay? Perfect. That looks great. Now, We have one stick of melted butter. We're just going to drizzle this right on top of our biscuits and these are frozen biscuits straight out of the freezer. Quick and easy. I love using these. They taste so good. Sometimes I like these better than the canned ones. I don't know why but alright. So, one stick of melted butter. Now we have our eggs. We're just going to plop these over. So y'all if y'all want to scramble your eggs you can do that. But I like leaving them whole. I just think it looks pretty. And you know I like pretty food. Can you blame me y'all? Can you blame me for lacking pretty food? I'm going to put a few more eggs in there. These eggs couldn't fit in my cup so I'm just going to crack a few right on. Okay? We want a lot of eggs. This is feeding my whole family. So we want a lot of eggs. I think I got about twelve here. I'm not sure. I don't really count but yeah we're using them all. Look at all this. Alright. One more right there. There we go. We got all our eggs. I'm rinsing my washing my hands off right now y'all just so you know washi washy okay next step here we have some cooked turkey sausage y'all can use whatever you like but I I like using the turkey sausage alright so we're just going to sprinkle this right on top of our eggs and our biscuits Alright, just like that. You know, we can use the whole package. I wasn't going to but again, I I like my heart. I like a hearty breakfast. It looks so good. Alright, just like that. Alright, y'all. Next step here, what we going to do, we going to take some American cheese. We just going to line it right on top, alright? American cheese. Right on top. Y'all want to use different cheese you can. You want, y'all want to use no cheese you can. So, simple, easy breakfast, biscuits, meat, eggs, cheese. That's it. Add vegetables if you'd like. But that that's it y'all. So easy. Alright and then we also here have some bacon crumbles. So I'm going to put the bacon on top of the cheese. You know what? Everything's better with bacon. I don't know if y'all know that. Did y'all know that? Everything's better with bacon. It's a fact. It's a it's a known fact. Everybody knows that. I'm just going to sprinkle that right on top. That looks good. That looks so good. I'm excited for this breakfast y'all. I don't know about you but I am hungry. Alright. Then last thing here, we have a little bit of extra sharp cheddar cheese. I'm just going to sprinkle a little bit right on top. I know we already have some American cheese but you know what? Everything's better with bacon. And cheese. Bacon, cheese, sausage, eggs, biscuits. Y'all what else is there in life? What else you need? I don't know. If you ask me, I think this is it. This is it. It's delicious and I'm excited. Okay, so now we're going to take a little bit of parsley right on top. Parsley, sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. We're going to put this in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. I'm so excited to show y'all one of my favorite breakfast. Alright, y'all. Look at this delicious breakfast we have here y'all. Oh, I'm so I let my cheese get a little crispy because that's how I like it but we have our frozen biscuits. We put our eggs in here, turkey sausage, cheese, bacon. I am so excited y'all. So excited. So you know what? Let's just cut into this. Oh my goodness. Wow. So we gotta we got this is a lot. This will feed your whole family y'all. Okay so let's just kind of scoop some of this out. Let's see. Okay there we go. Look at this y'all. Look at this. Oh my goodness. It's so hot. Look at that. Eggs. We got all the goodness here y'all. This is this is a winner. This is a winner in my book, okay? I really like these frozen biscuits. I've been I I just started using these recently but I really like them. This this is going to be so good. Oh my goodness y'all. Wow. I've been eating food all day. I'm real full but you know I'm still going to eat some of this. I'm so excited y'all. This is going to be a delicious breakfast.
Breakfast Caserole, Best Breakfast Casserole, Breakfast Bites, Breakfast Biscuits, Foood Recipes, Oven Recipes
how did I not know about this one-pan breakfast | breakfast, ingredient, video recording | how did I not know about this one-pan breakfast Charles and Kim make a yummy breakfast using simple ingredients. This original video was produced by... | By Extreme Living | What are we doing here, Kim? We're cooking a pound of sausage. Looking good, Kim. It looks all cooked up. Okay. Now, you want to take a slotted spoon. Slotted means it has holes in it? Yes. And put it on a paper towel. Mm hmm. So, you drain the grease but I'm trying to keep some grease in the pan. Cuz we're going to do some saute some onions in there. Yes. If you don't have enough, just add your little olive oil. Mm hmm. Okay. Got it all out of there. Mm hmm. Now, we're going to take our small onion and saute it. Our onions saute. Mmm. Now, I'm going to add a 30-ounce bag of shredded hash brown potatoes. Okay. I'm going to add the and let this cook for about 10 minutes. Okay. Alright, so you got that nice and cooked. Yes. Okay, we're going to add our pound of sausage. Back in. Back in. It's all drained. Look at all that grease we got on that. Wow. Okay now you're just going to combine all this together and set it to the side while we go make the other mixture that's going in here we have got eight butt nuggets that we're going to put in our bowl These are country eggs. Okay, we got our eight butt nuggets. We're going to add one cup of heavy whipping cream. Half a cup of whole milk. Half a teaspoon of paprika, one teaspoon of garlic powder, Gonna need a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper, and we're going to whisk this together. Our country eggs AKA butt nuggets. Now, I'm going to add in two cups of cheddar cheese. Mmm. Our egg mixture. Get that mixed up. And then you will add your potatoes and sausage or hash browns and sausage to this mixture. In the pan. Okay now we've got our sausage and hash browns and don't let me get you dirty there. So you're just kind of dumping all of our goodies in there. Yes. Yeah you got like half of them still stuck on there. Oh that pan wasn't done very good I guess. I don't know. That's my fault. It's alright. Okay. It's a good breakfast casserole. Our oven is ready. It's heavy. Make sure you hold it from the bottom if you're using on these metal pans. Here we go. Alright, let's see it. Wow. Look at our breakfast casserole. Looks really good. Oh, look how the cheese have a different little orange. I know. Fall colors right here. It looks so good. Alright, let's try it. And we got them thick boy pieces. Mm. Get to this way. There we go. Wow. My hand backwards. That looks perfect. Okay, let's see. Alright, give it to our taste tester. Here we go. Give a fork or spoon. I'll take the spoon. We're still hot smoking. Hot. Alright, we got some jumbo biscuits. We're going to be making a bacon, egg, and cheese. Very easy. Look at those buttery goodness. Just going to take these biscuits out. I got the jumbo. You can kind of use whatever you want but the jumbo is my favorite. Put either two of em on here like this right here. You're just going to separate them kind of evenly. Usually, you can do four on a row and then you're going to take your glass. You want this kind of rounded end so you can get a good, just press it in like that. You see how it's making that ridge edge. That's what we need. So, just press it in like that. We're going to do this on all of em. It's getting that nice bowl look. That's so cool looking. Yeah, these look really good and you're going to take some eggs. I got brown and white, crab at. So it sits right there. It's don't worry if it peels off. Doesn't matter. We're just trying to do easy here. Look at that. Alright, next we're going to take some salt. We're just going to pinch a little salt on each of these. Next, we're going to take some pepper. Just sprinkle a little bit on the top. We don't use a lot but you can use however much you want. We're just trying to make this simple and delicious. Look at that. Okay, After that, got some bacon. Ooh. Farm fresh bacon straight from Walmart. So, you're just going to just dump up however much bacon you want. I like doing quite a bit. Ooh. But you let you can do whatever you want. So, we're just kind of taking it. We're flopping it. Oh, we got some extra so let's just kind of fill in the gap. Need a little flop on this corner with me? Yeah, this one needs a little bit. Just take it. Just sprinkle it. Look at that. And finally, some mild cheddar cheese. Same thing. We're just plop it on. We're just popping. You don't have to really do much with this. This is a very easy recipe. You should be able to do this. Your kids should be able to do this. So, say you're a little bit, you know, you had a long night with the wife or the hubby. You need your kids to make you a breakfast. This is great. So, next we're going to come over here. We're going to put this in the oven on 350 for about minutes. Would you look at that? Those look really good. I'm excited to try this. I know. This is going to be really tasty. Look at that one. Got the eggs. You got the cheese. You got the chicken. And it doesn't matter if some of it falls off because you can just scrape it. You know, so we're going to try a piece right now. I'm going to try this one right here. This one looks the best. It's like a great piece. Okay. Look at that. Easy bacon, egg, and cheese. Oops. Out. It's very hot. Ten out of 10. Alright, what do we got here, Cam? Okay, we've got some jumbo biscuits. Yum. There it is. Okay, I'm going to take four of them. Okay. Take this handful. I'm going to press them down in a button pan. Okay. I'll spread them out. And this is kind of like a breakfast casserole we're trying. We haven't done this before but I think it's going to be a really good one. What do you think? I think it's going to be just fine. Yes, because these are going to expand. Yes. And then what are we doing here? What do we got? Take some ham. Okay. I'm just going to layer it down here. Okay. That's looking pretty good. That looks really good. What do we got next? Now we got some eggs. Okay. We're just going to sprinkle in a little bit on there. Drizzle it a little bit there. Perfect. Now what do we do? Now we're going to add some more biscuits. Okay. And then look at that. More biscuits. Okay. I'm going to kind of counter do them right the up. Whoa. Holy moly. How did that happen? This thing just busted out the seams. Sorry I'm not. That was terrifying. I wish I had another camera set up to get that. Okay then I'm going to put a little bit more eggs. Little bit more eggs. Okay. And then I'm going to put a little bit of cheese. Okay. We're using sharp cheddar right? Yes. I have to say that biscuit busting was terrifying. Yeah. I jumped Mike. I've been shocked. I know. Look at that. That's going to be tasty. Okay so put your cheese around there. Love that. We're going to go for another. Open our our ghost biscuit can. Yes. By our mom. Let's do opposite of this one too right? I'm I'm kind of doing opposite. Yeah I like that. Love that. This is a unique take and I think it's actually going to turn out really well. Look at that. I can't wait for our final topping. And then we're going to put little bit more eggs. Eggs. And then we're going to put some bacon. That looks so yummy. You can't really go wrong with. And this is just fully cooked bacon, right? Yes. Yes. We're just going to If you got time, you can make up some regular bacon. Yeah, but we are just trying to do simple, easy recipes that everyone can enjoy. So, look at that. We love bacon. Yes, we love bacon. This looks really good, Kim. Putting a little bit of extra on there. Love that. Okay. Then, we're going to. Finish with our top layer. Finish with our top layer of biscuits which you have four left over. Mm hmm. I'm going to counter do them a little bit separately there. And this is going to be the bunt biscuit bunk of the century I believe. Yes. I think this is going to come out and be absolutely perfect. And then you probably want to just top it. With some more cheese. Why not? It doesn't hurt. Why not? Why not fill our arteries a little more? Yeah. The egg. Might as well. Go ahead and drizzle it. Look at that. Cuz that was a total of four eggs. Yes. 4 eggs. Bunch of bacon, ham, biscuits. We're going to we're going to cover it with aluminum foil so it doesn't get too brown on top. Or Alright. Now, we're just going to put it in there. We're we're thinking about 15 minutes with the foil on and ten with the foil off. Yes. Alright, our biscuit bundt cake. Wow. Kimberly Lynn. Oh, look at that. Look at that thing. Let's flip this puppy over. Let's see how it does. Hi. Three, two, one, go. Oh my. Wow. Look at that. That turned out so good. We gotta cut it. Yes, we did. Look at that. This. Our own creation. I know. Look at this. Cut it over here. Yeah. Just cut a little piece. Look at that. You could sprinkle but it's warmed and hot. Look at that. Look at that. Eggs are done. And it's not gooey. The biscuits are all cooked through. The eggs are cooked. The ham, the bacon. The cheese. The cheese melted. Sounds good.
Only 5 min.
5 Min Recipes | Desserts | Low Carb | Keto Diet
5 Min Recipes | Desserts | Low Carb | Keto Diet
We love this homemade ham and spinach frittata recipe for an easy brunch. It's a delicious and simple easy frittata recipe that everyone loves! #spendwithpennies #hamandspinachfrittata #frittata #spinachfrittata #easyfrittata #breakfastrecipe #breakfast #brunch Frittata Recipes Breakfast, Spinach Frittata Recipes, Easy Frittata Recipe, Quiche Recipes, Ham Frittata, Food Recipies, Kitchens
Ham & Spinach Frittata
We love this homemade ham and spinach frittata recipe for an easy brunch. It's a delicious and simple easy frittata recipe that everyone loves! #spendwithpennies #hamandspinachfrittata #frittata #spinachfrittata #easyfrittata #breakfastrecipe #breakfast #brunch
Low Carb Mexican Breakfast Casserole - food that helped me lose 70 lbs
Kate Higdon
Kate Higdon