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omurizer-draws-things: “I’ve been asked to recommend brushes for realistic painting (or whatever painting) so these are my three favourite brush settings The first one is my main brush I paint.

Viria's Eren Jaeger! <3<<<He looks like Tadashi and Percy mixed <<< I thought it was Thomas from TMR

if it isn’t the shittiest composition for a drawing I don’t know what is it’s I am hungry and weirdly attracted to Eren’s silly face; <<<<< It's okay, everyone's attracted to Eren's silly face, he's just a little snugglebun :)

Pinceles Tool Sai

Anonymous said: What brushes do you use for your line art? Answer: I primarily use these settings for most of my lines / sketching I also set my eraser with the same settings


Anime Eyes Poster (Colored) by VictoriaChen