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Targum Chronicles and Its Place Among the Late Targums

Supplement to Aramaic Studies

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Contemporary Perspectives in European Philosophy / Zeitgenössische Perspektiven europäischer Philosophie

Contemporary Perspectives in European Philosophy

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Proverbs: A Commentary based on Paroimiai in Codex Vaticanus

Septuagint Commentary Series

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Study on the Synchronistic King List from Ashur

Cuneiform Monographs

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The Interpersonal Metafunction in 1 Corinthians 1–4: The Tenor of Toughness

Linguistic Biblical Studies

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Phenomenological Interpretations of Ancient Philosophy

Studies in Contemporary Phenomenology

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The Essence of Linguistic Analysis: An Integrated Approach

Brill Research Perspectives in Humanities and Social Sciences

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Learning the Language of Scripture: Origen, Wisdom, and the Logic of Interpretation

Studies in Systematic Theology

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Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Advances in Innovation Education

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Legal Maxims in Islamic Law: Concept, History and Application of Axioms of Juristic Accumulation

Brill's Arab and Islamic Laws Series

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Theologising with the Sacred ‘Prostitutes’ of South India: Towards an Indecent Dalit Theology

Currents of Encounter

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Ideology in Postcolonial Texts and Contexts


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Inhuman Educations: Jean-François Lyotard, Pedagogy, Thought

Brill Guides to Scholarship in Education

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Divine Scripture and Human Emotion in Maximus the Confessor: Exegesis of the Human Heart

The Bible in Ancient Christianity

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Philo of Alexandria: On the Contemplative Life: Introduction, Translation and Commentary

Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series

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Critical Readings on Pure Land Buddhism in Japan (3 vols.)

Critical Readings

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Kinship and Clientage: Highland Clanship 1451-1609
Urban Politics and the British Civil Wars: Edinburgh, 1617-53
The Brendan Legend: Texts and Versions

The Northern World

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Paradigmatic Relations in Word Formation
Click Consonants

Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Theory

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Brain and Race: A History of Cerebral Anthropology
Selene's Two Faces: From 17th Century Drawings to Spacecraft Imaging

Nuncius Series

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Cognition and Recognition: On the Origin of Movement: Rademaker (1887-1957): A Biography

History of Science and Medicine Library

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The Transnational Cult of Mount Wutai: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Studies on East Asian Religions

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Turkish History and Culture in India: Identity, Art and Transregional Connections
Periodicals, Readers and the Making of a Modern Literary Culture: Bengal at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Brill's Indological Library

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Golden Calf Traditions in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Themes in Biblical Narrative

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A Companion to Death, Burial, and Remembrance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, c. 1300–1700
A Companion to William of Saint-Thierry

Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition

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The Peasant Production of Opium in Nineteenth-Century India

Library of Economic History

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