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Opera voices and their ranges!

Funny way of distinguishing the voice ranges. They completely left out "bird people" for the baritone and the soprano parts.

The Physics Behind the Vocals- this is a beautiful visual guide for explaining placement to beginners

How to Sing Diagram - Diagram in How to Sing by Lilli Lehmann."Red lines denote vocal sensations of soprano and tenor singers" New York: Macmillan,

Preview of "Vocal Warm-ups: 200 Exercises for Chorus and Solo Singers" by Klaus Heizmann

Look Inside Vocal Warm-Ups Choral, Chorus, Vocal, Exercises for Chorus and Solo Singers. Composed by Klaus Heizmann. Schott Music Published by Schott Music

The evolution of music notation...interesting!!!

The evolution of music notation. You know I think it would be an awesome course to take in high school or college; music theory or music history

Excellent representation of the Laban movement theory Frm Victoria Irvine's bd: Being A Teaching Artist...

CMA Lisa Parra demonstrates the Effort Qualities of movement according to the Laban Movement Analysis