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Die Drehmaschine als Bohrständer, oder<br>Vom Einsatz angetriebener Werkzeuge auf Drehmaschinen

The lathe as drill, or driven by the use of tools on lathes

F.Lorch, Lorch Schmidt, L.S. Co. Watchmakers' Lathes

A comprehensively equipped Lorch light Geneva-pattern watchmaker's lathe set - probably catalogued as the No. Both 6 mm and 8 mm headstocks are included and only a few items from the maker's extensive accessory range are not present.

The pendulum clock of Longitude hero John Harrison is tested and declared a masterpiece

Clockmaker John Harrison vindicated 250 years after ‘absurd’ claims

Bergeon 1766 Model B Lathe Complete

Selling quality tools worldwide, specialized in small lathes and their accessories.