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Lunar Eclipse!

What does the moon look like at night? --> Lunar Eclipse by Sam Javanrouh - 61 photos of the December 2010 Lunar eclipse taken in 2 minutes intervals (selected from hundreds of shots from a timelapse series). Started at to EST in Toronto.

The Power-Aware Cord embeds wires around a cable that pulse light in relation to how much electricity is being drawn off the grid. The more current, the brighter and faster the blue light spirals.

The Interactive Institute, a Swedish nonprofit that explores technology and design, devised the Power-Aware Cord to show exactly how much electricity runs through our cables.

So farmers can make Crop Circles Snow Art

Alex Bellos samples Simon Beck’s stunning mathematical drawings, created by running in snowshoes across freshly laid snow in the Alps

Draw Your Imagination Into Thin Air With 3Doodler, The World's First 3D Pen  ... see more at InventorSpot.com

InventorSpot writer, Laurie Kay Olson, introduced you to the world’s first doodle pen, while it was in its infancy on Kickstarter. It is now all grown up and ready for purchase. Whether you want to trace an image or draw something out of