Dariusz Bakinowski

Dariusz Bakinowski

Wszystko trzeba robić tak prosto, jak to tylko jest możliwe, ale nie prościej. ~ Albert Einstein
Dariusz Bakinowski
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Why I don't want summer to end☀️

1 camper enters the center of the circle with a ball. Also the majority of the camper finds such type of the knife is beneficial in wilderness camping. The tough side pop-up campers are often known as hybrid pop-up campers.

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Diagrams courtesy of Petzl Sport. How do you rescue a mountaineer who's fallen in a crevasse?

Pulley systems

It’s not often you need to know how to set up a rope pulley system – but when you do it is normally an emergency and you need to know how to do it fast! Vidra Kele brings us these great…

Package 1* climbing rope 2*hooks 1*portable bag Features: --Strong abrasive resistance easy to clean easy portability --Reinforced polyester rope durable and long lasting 13 Rope core --Perfect Id...

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