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a rat sitting in the corner of a couch
Little sweetie Dusty 🐀
two small mice sitting on top of someone's hands next to oranges and pine cones
2020 год.
four different pictures of a rat with caption saying, i see you have cleaned my cage if somebody missed it up
It's World Rat Day And These Memes Will Totally Change Your Mind About Them
rat body language chart with instructions to learn how to use the rat's body
Rat Body Language Art Print by Studio Eem
two small hamsters sitting in their cages
Are they planning smth?
a rat in a cage on top of a blanket
Too hot to move
a potted plant sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a green vase with yellow flowers
Camping time
a rat sitting on top of a person's arm holding a cup and saucer
Do you have your own china bowl?
a small rodent sitting on top of a green blanket next to a wooden table
"Is this sofa just for me?"
a black and white rat curled up in a cage
Sleppy ratty
a person holding a small gray rat in their hand on a pink and white striped blanket
My cutie <3
two mice sitting on top of someone's hand
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