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M.T. void

Justin Chancellor and Peter Mohamed with appearances, help and inspiration of Bobby Pluth, Nick Dias, Vahan Bego, Shelee Dykman, David Timnick, Debby, Brent Hinds. Nothing's Matter : there is a place where two dimensions meet, a doorway, a mirror, a portal, a real time buffer shuffler processing both time and image separately forming new chain of events Nothing's Matter is an album it contains songs written from perspective of someone who detached himself from one dimension ended up being and living in another and decided to resolve issues related to the past in the same time going through a tremendous evolving process to rise to another level and be free which itself created a chain of new events effecting the body of work strongly. songs related and inspired by process of change that get finally to live life of their own. songs of love, friendship, sacrifice, beliefs, trust, faith, courage, betrayal, denial, blasphemy and lies. songs of life and death. songs of change, rebellion and truth M.T.void is a musical project run by Justin Chancellor bass player for american band Tool and Peter Mohamed the main member and singer of polish band Sweet Noise. this two very close friends spent 2008/2009 in Los Angeles writing their debut album Nothing’s Matter. the goal was set high : to sound different from every single band found around these days. this was achieved in veriety of ways. one of them was not only recording but also producing and engineering the music on their own. next thing was a very close and special circle of people who were involved in the process of creation. the last factor was the language. Guests with some exceptions include musicians from Topanga California :Bobby Pluth, Nick Dias, Shelee Dykman, David Timnick, Debby, Brent Hinds. the visual side is being developed with Armenian artist Vahan Bego who’s furious and passionate rant recorded via Skype can be heard in track Wendell. the first recordings took place in Steve Duda’s studio in Los Angeles. Steve also helped in designing some of the sounds and allowed his new plugin Nerve which was beta tested by Peter to shape some beats. the final mixes and recordings were executed in Justin’s studio. the album was mastered by Mr.Bob Ludwig. the choice was not an accident as both musicians are fans of Ludwig’s work with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd. Bob Ludwig helped to glue together Peter’s beats, noises and sound design with the massive bass sound delivered by Justin. this formed a bed for vocals, guitars, live drums and the rest of instruments used. Sites:
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"Between the shadow and light" is a live M.T.void performance by Vahan Bego. edited by M.T.void camera M.Gorecki. online and additional processing A/H1N1team.

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Piotr 'Glaca' Mohamed