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an image of a game with dots and circles on the screen, as well as text
Σύνθεση εικόνων με στρογγυλές ψηφίδες
an image of a game with dots
Renkli Kodlama Sayfaları
four different colored squares that have been made with the same colors and shapes as shown in this
Ruimtelijke orientatie - nakleuren
four squares with the same pattern as each other, one has an apple on it
Repérage sur un quadrillage
the legos are arranged in different colors and shapes to make it easier for kids to learn
Ζωγραφίζω τα χρωματικά μοτίβα στους αριθμούς τουβλάκια
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a pumpkin
Repérage sur quadrillage ; une coccinelle