Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe represented what we were fighting to come home to, and a way of life we wanted to preserve, Thanks Mary Jane - ♔ Style 2

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and her 1952 Pontiac - Vintage Classic Cars and Girls.nothing like a beautiful woman and a beautiful car!

7 cudow PRL

GRANKA zaprasza do sprawdzenia pomysłu!

PRL  i pelne towarow sklepy."The state looks after the people" An empty food shop during Communist times in Poland.

communism do not come back! a shop in Poland in the end of communism era; The sign says: "the government cares about the people"- classic communist propaganda with empty shelves and no way to feed your family.

Famous empty store in PRL

Famous empty store in PRL I remember going into meat stores like this !

zabawki prl -wrotki

Tin roller skates worn over pumps - dangerous - had a nasty accident on these