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If our basic pocket square folds are leaving you bored, then here is an extensive list of 50 folds.

if you, my future husband, ever sneak through my pinterest page: now you know how your wedding suit should look like :D

Outfit with blue jacket, with a matching grey double breasted vest and pants with grey printed tie and grey pocket square

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beadifferentlady: ““ Matching Ties to Dress Shirt Collars: What Tie Goes with Which Collar Style? ” important for every gentleman… ” Very interesting!

5 combinaciones que se pueden hacer con traje azul marino / 5 Outfits From One Navy Suit – Infograph

5 Outfits From One Navy Suit - Infographic

The difference between Italian, British & American suits

Difference Between British, Italian, & American Suit Styles Infographic

What is the difference between American Suits, Italian Suits, and British Suits? Different Suit cuts around the world.

How To Match A Watch With Your Outfit | 5 Tips On Matching Watches With Clothes

How To Match A Watch With Your Outfit

Is the right way to button a jacket?

How To Button Your Suit Correctly Infographic

Right Vs Wrong Way To Button Your Suit. Suit Buttoning Rules for Men. One Two Three Button Jackets.

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