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Teach Your Baby How to Sleep {in 7 days

I am happy to announce that Baby Poppy (who is 10 months old) is on a consistent sleep schedule, sleeps through the night and goes to bed early. Yes it’s possible! I’m totally a believer now! By following a few simple sleep training rules and with a bit of patience, we taught our little girl how to sleepRead more

This article will present you an amazing method that will help you lose about 3-4 kg per day without starving or strict diet regimes! Detoxification processes can be enhanced by vegetables and drinks. But, when you’ve got more free time, you should try and prepare your own home-made recipes! We suggest you some of them: Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of ginger 1 tablespoon of maple syrup 2 tablespoons...

Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Penne

Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Penne Recipe ~ This is such a flavourful and oh-so-cheesy dinner that you can have on your table in under 1 hour!!

No-Bake Energy Bites

No Bake Peanut Butter Energy Bites

myfridgefood - Chicken and Broccoli Tweaked the recipe--2 tablespoons of LITE soy sauce...much better! This is keeper!

roasted garlic pasta salad - Eattags

Mini omelets - bake in muffin tin @350 for 20-25 min....a whole week of breakfast!

Creamy White Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna

Creamy White Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna ~ You may never make regular lasagna again after trying this one—with shredded chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes in a rich, creamy white sauce.. :)


chickpea stuffed eggplant with couscous and tahini sauce.