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Sometimes I feel like a major burden, I wish people would tell me what's on their mind.

"Had to do a political cartoon about a social issue, so i did this." Accurate comic is accurate

If you claim "you'll love them no matter what" then why, when they get older, do you suddenly not love them no matter what gender they identify as?

More people need to see this…excuse the language

More People Need To See This. Thank god for people that can stand up for others like this, this type of stuff happens daily to me (the people in the first frame (woman with hijab and man) are actors to see people's reactions)

Marina Loved Her Striped Dress, But The Fashion Magazines Said Horizontal Stripes Didn't Suit Her Body Shape......*** Don't you care about those magazines, Marina. The important thing is for you to wear what YOU LIKE and to feel comfortable with your own body!! ***

18 Empowering Illustrations by Brazilian graphic designer Carol Rossetti to Remind Everyone Who's Really in Charge of Women's Bodies - Mic


More comic art feminist power statements! << same I want to see one for guys as well though they go through equal pressure to be manly it's as if society doesn't want anyone to be themselves