Danny Chinaski
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Danny
Redhen | gabions | gabion fence - "Sofa" bench RHM06
Contemporary garden seating made out of gabions.
Narrow Pappardelle. 1992  woven stainless steel mesh and steel
Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park makes beautiful and detailed sculptures out of multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh.
Anna Eggert 'Belinda's Wedding'   Stainless Steel Woven Mesh
Anna Eggert at work using stainless steel woven mesh
Anna Eggert 'Mesmerized'  Made with Grade 316 stainless steel woven wire.  The base layer is 1.0mm app x 0.56mm diameter wire (16/24). The top layer is a bolting cloth 710 micron apperture x 0.20m wire diameter.
Stainless steel mesh bowls
TYLER MESH Furniture Lounging SILLA Stainless Steel Woven Wire