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Daniel Slobodzian
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And here’s that same sun from the surface of Mars:

May 2005 — Sunset on Mars:The Mars rover Spirit made this remarkable picture in 2005 from the Martian surface, revealing the sun dipping slowly below the distant lip of Gusev Crater.

Here’s you from the moon:

Here’s you from the moon. 26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence! Totally mind boggling if you really think about it:)

This right here is a comet. We just landed a probe on one of those bad boys. Here’s what one looks like compared with Los Angeles:

This is a very tiny comet. In fact this is Rosetta's Comet and we recently landed a probe on it as it flew through space. This is what Rosetta's Comet looks like when compared to the city of Los Angeles, California.