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Curved wall floor plans - they have cool castle floor plans too
Beautiful A-Frame cottage in California - Get $25 credit with Airbnb if you sign up with this link http://www.airbnb.com/c/groberts22
7. Si vives en Japón, tienes que sacarte los zapatos para entrar a casa. Esta es la estantería perfecta.
The beautiful art of wood stacking!  Got a pile of firewood or logs too big for a firewood holder? Then you've probably just got them stacked in one corner of your yard. But there's a lot more you can do with a heap of wood!  You can use that firewood to create several kinds of artwork to decorate your backyard.  So while your wood piles are out there to dry, why not bring your backyard to life by creating art?
Deluxe Solid Shoe Cubby Closet Organizer.  *turn it sideways, like my pullout and on slides....*
A Clever Set Of Chess Made Out Of Bullets. I don't play chess but this is freaking cool!
The Leatherman Tread travels everywhere you do. Roll up your sleeve and get to it with the multi-tool that's always available for the job at hand.
The art of wood stacking | The Owner-Builder Network
Casa de madera
Simple stone fire pit using stone pavers. Relax in your own back yard.: