Readcube helps stay organized

Read Cube is a desktop application, for Windows and Mac, that is designed to help students organize their research.

Access anywhere.

Evernote is a really simple programme that is useful for storing information, ideas, clips, images, etc - and you can create notebooks to share with different groups of people.

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I used Slideshare in order to display my first evaluation question to the public. I chose this as it was simple and effective, because all I needed to do for everyone to see it was sign in with G-Mail

Prezi - Ideas matter.

Prezi: Presentation tool in which you can create a map or mind map to display content. I had used Prezi previously, but found it even more user friendly now that I have a better grasp on web applets.

figshare - credit for all your research

figshare - credit for all your research

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Report for: Quantifying the impact and relevance of scientific research.


Understanding Open Science