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Sunflower GEWEL Gel Nail Stickers for Floral lovers #gelnailstickers #semicured #floralnails
GEWEL Gel Nail Stickers for Sunflower lovers from Get salon gel grade nails at the comfort of your home within 30 minutes. GEWELs from By Me & Crew have viral with over 250 million views online. Semicured nail wraps are the latest tech in the nail industry. Gel is semi-cured onto the sticker sheet. Apply to your fingers and put under a UV light for 60 seconds for your manicure to cure 100%!
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How I shaped these nails from fanning out to oval. [Nail technician explains]
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Quartz Nails Are The Newest Beauty Trend And They Literally Rock
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Best Summer Nails Art 2023 | Nails Inspiration | Nails Coffins | Unhas redondas, Unhas bonitas, Unhas coloridas