Welcome to World Gin Day!

William Hogarth Gin Lane, 1751 Etching and Engraving Jack S. Blanton Curatorial Endowment Fund, 2005 Hogarth’s detailed etchings and engravings function as cautionary tales for his fellow Londoners.

Each bottle of diamond Jubilee Whisky costs $120,000 pounds.

Diamond Jubilee whisky goes on sale for £120,000 a bottle

John Walker and Sons lanza el Diamond Jubilee

Welcome to World Gin Day!

2 oz's Bombay Gin, 1 oz of Dry vermouth. Shake with ice & pour into a chilled martini glass.

French 75

The cocktail was named after the French 75 millimeter field gun of 1897 which became the main heavy artillery of world war I. This recipe is the more memorable of two different drinks using the sam.