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Damian Strzałkowski

Damian Strzałkowski
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✿ariana grande✿

Oh my sweet jesus.would you look at that two of the greatest things in life. ariana grande and chanel

Pin up

This photograph calls on themes of vintage pinup illustrations. The pose is sexy and shows off the woman's body nicely. The polka-dot heels are a nice touch. What I really love, though is her red hair, long and luxurious as it is.

25 Books By Female Authors To Put On Your Bucket List

As a woman who has been reading daily since she laid her hands on the her first copy of The Boxcar Children , and who has since made a career out of publishing and writing, I can say that women writers and their books have changed my life.

ღ♥♥ღ stunning babes that have hot curves on them ღ♥♥ღ

Hot Rods and Pin Ups. A huge collection of thousands of images of hotrods, hot rodding, drags, gassers, etc. From the most important early days to modern kustoms and street rods. A Site for rodders of all ages ran by a total gear-head.