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Video premiere: Smallpools, "Karaoke"

Smallpools are an awesome American-based four-piece indie pop band consisting of Sean Scanlon (vocals), Mike Kamerman (guitar), Joseph Intile (bass) and Beau Kuther (drums).

Smallpools talked with VIBE about their quick rise to fame, new EP, and some of their plans for the future.

Smallpools--This foursome is an LA indie band on the rise after the success of their rockin single, "Dreaming.

That's so cool. Maybe if he decides he ever wants to do something other than acting, he'll become a photographer.

I love how versatile he is. He is not just an actor. He is a regular person. His tactic reminds me of a teacher.

The Amazing Crooked Forest In Poland | Read More Info

The forest is in northwest Poland. It is made of pine trees with crooked trunks bending northward. The curved trees are about 400 in number. They were believed to have been planted in the

too cool not to pin.

Side-by-side of the real-life voice actresses and the Disney princesses they brought to life. Didn't realise that the actor who did Mulan is also Agent May from SHEILD! Also, the voice of Ariel acts in Enchanted.

Punk Anna.

HIGH SCHOOL SUCKS TO HER! This is Martina she is 16 and hates everybody who is kissing will kill them! Up for adoption and needs a home if you have one she lives in a grave! Loves it though but has to leave!