Damian Ciszewski

Damian Ciszewski

Damian Ciszewski
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Dubai launches Museum of the Future

Dubai continues to treat city planning like a simulation game with the cheats turned on, unveiling its latest architectural wonder: the Museum of the Future.

Pango Folding Helmet -Bezpieczny i innowacyjny rowerowy kask

The Pango Folding Helmet folds in three easy steps to half the size so you can stash it in virtually any bag. - I confess that I am not sure how I would feel about wearing a helmet that is designed to protect my head, and yet it collapses?

Przejrzysty telefon

Transparent-smartphone-prototype-is-clearly-cool A fully transparent conceptual smartphone, developed by Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies ==================== two pieces of plastic glued together with a couple of batteries and a SIM card .

Latający rower

Czech Republic Companies Invent Flying Electric Bicycle [Video] - A team of three Czech Republic companies have invented a flying bike that they think could change personal transportation.

Ładowarka w długopisie

This Is The World’s First Pen With An Integrated. The Power Pen brings together a traditional pen and a stylus, with a built-in battery to give your mobile devices a little extra juice.