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Clematis vines in my garden. I started growing clematis 6 years ago and got seriously addicted! Now I have over 130 varieties. And still want more... :-) These are all my photos taken in my garden.
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Clematis Warszawska Olga. Beautiful pink clematis raised by the late Brother Stefan Franczak. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz


Clematis Utopia. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz


Clematis Proteus - double and single flowers at the same time. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz


Clematis Violet Elizabeth. Beautiful blooms but wilted two years in a row :-( Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz


Clematis Proteus-double flowers on old wood. One of the oldest clematis in my garden. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz


Clematis Miss Bateman. One of the most prolific bloomers ever! I love the green bar on newly opened flowers. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz


Clematis Utopia (photo: Dagmara Walkowicz) - one of my first clematis.Very beautiful blooms in very delicate colours ranging from pearly white to delicate pink and mauve. Sharing a pergola with two wisterias and two Multi Blue clematis. Initially wilted once but had no problems in the last 3 years. Grows back from root every year to about 3 meters high. Loved by bees and butterflies!


Sen-no-kaze, a very unusual clematis, very green in my garden due to growing in a shaded area, I guess. Flower shape similar to that of the Red Star clematis. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz

Arctic Queen clematis, beautiful pure white flowers with greenish tips, growing in a pot at the moment. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz

Clematis Vienetta - flowers are just opening. Photo: Dagmara Walkowicz