Dagmara Żurańska
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Dagmara
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La tristeza de una persona jamás va a alcanzar las estrellas,la felicidad es más fuerte que la tristeza. #laFelicidadEsMasFuerte
The Milky Way Over Yellowstone is Impossibly Beautiful
Little mermaid
Watercolor Mermaid Painting  Print titled by TheColorfulCatStudio
Ilustración de mujer (Woman Illustration in Vector)
M10-Vector Illustration: If I knew how to do this, I feel like I would earn so much money. Think of it: I could do digital portraits of people in beautiful, organic vector illustrations that they could print or have painted. Everything here is so free-flowing, but the main subject is clearly seen. I especially love the details on her face, that is balanced by the abstract hair piece. Stunning and highlighted by the right colors.
Digital Illustrations by Daniela Uhlig
Very dark (both in color and in emotion) and beautiful. Reminds me of a sugar skull girl without the tons of makeup. I love the detail in the hair and the design in the circle that's surrounding her. Little hints of design like that can really make a piece of artwork pop.