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Dagmara Godzieba

Dagmara Godzieba
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White People with dreads, these are known as Bohemian dreads. Our hair does not dread like those with ethnic hair. Both are cultural and fashion statement.

omigod, she has those glasses and dreads... i love her!

Been thinking about taking my extensions out. Maybe I would if my short dreads looked as good as these!

like this there short like mine are probably going to be

beach dreads I love everything about this. My hair is medium length so if I did dreads now I think they would be about this long.

01d204350ae4ca921d43646db5a39625.jpg (500×738)

Short dreads are cool too! Mine ended up longer than I thought when I made them and I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted but I LOVE dreads of any length honestly!