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a child's hand holding a toothbrush in front of a painting with green leaves
The Great Artist Georges Seurat… A Study in Pointillism
Teaching the technique of Pointillism and learning about artist Georges Suerat
a young child reading a book with the title pointillism for preschool studying spots with george seurat
Studying Spots with Seurat
Our Art History for Preschool series continues, featuring a famous painting technique created by Georges Seurat, pointillism. Preschoolers can make incredible process art applying this painting technique.
a paper with different colors and shapes on it, next to a sign that says paintbrush worksheet
Seurat Pointillism MuralK
Pointillism Lesson Plans | Pointillism worksheet from Miss Young’s Art Room blog.
a green tree in the middle of a field with dots on it's surface
France Art Activity: Learn About Pointillism - Little Passports
Georges Seurat was a French artist famous for creating a painting technique called pointillism. Instead...
cartoon characters are standing in front of a bookshelf
Art with Mati and Dada - George Seurat | Kids Animated Short Stories in English
Art with Mati and Dada - George Seurat | Kids Animated Short Stories in ...
the cover of seurat, with two pictures of boats in different colors and sizes
Georges Seurat Art Lesson Plans for Elementary
Seurat Art Projects for Kids: The students discover the style of pointillism through the work of French artist, Georges Seurat. They will create their own “pointillism” masterpieces while learning and applying color theory.
art and craft supplies on a table with watercolors, paper plates and other items
Pointillism Art for Kids with Seurat
This post may contain affiliate links.I do not consider myself an artist, but I really enjoy doing art with my kids. It stretches me and pushes me, and I am getting better! This week we learned pointillism art with Georges Seurat. To start the Georges Seurat art lesson, I had to look up the pronunciation of his name. …
an easy art project for kids to make
Paint Like Seurat--Easy Pointillism for kids #homeschool art history for children