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The new Volkswagen Microbus is completely modern in its environmental consciousness. The new VW bus is a bio-diesel hybrid filled with modern gadgets not imagined during the time of the bus' first go-round

THE DREAM! The Verdier / The Volkswagen Microbus is a classic This remake of a VW classic is remarkably true to the original on the outside – but on the inside it is a bio-diesel hybrid stuffed full of high tech gadgetry and eco-friendly innovations.


When you're looking for a new knife, ESPECIALLY one you may have to depend on, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. It may look really cool, but if it can't hold an edge or it's balance is out of whack, it's not worth it!

Since its introduction in 1951, the Fender Precision Bass guitar has been one of the most in-demand basses on the market. This iconic recreation is as close as it gets to the real thing in this price range. We encourage side-by-side comparisons. This bass makes you feel like you've stepped back into a different era. With stellar tone, a flawless setup and seamless playability, this American Vintage '58 P Bass keeps the tradition alive and well.

Player's Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this Fender American Vintage Precision Bass! Since its introduction in the Fender