Daria Pohl
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Kona Bay quilt cotton yardage Periwinkle Ginkgo Tonal

BOLT END REMNANT - measures x 44 x This is a striking Kona Bay tonal that features ginkgo leaves in shades of playful periwinkle

Alena Hennessy

Blue gingko art - mostly here as a vivid example of the leaf's veining, but could also inspire a leaf silhouette to be used in design as well

Albert Koetsier (x-rayographs) http://susanspiritusgallery.com/artist/albert-koetsier/hand-painted-x-rays/ginkgo-2/

The Chinese consider the ginkgo biloba tree a symbol of longevity, hope, resilience and peace. It is one of the oldest living trees still growing on the planet.

Nautilus Fiberarts | Fabrics PP18. GINKGOS

Nautilus Fiberarts | Fabrics PP18. GINKGOS