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xsherryblossomx: “ I swear it was originally Sonic and Amy but they didn’t fit and then I thought OMG TAILS AND CC and it just…. Atlantis was a great movie and needs more recognition.

Blood Rose OC Heart Pony by pyrestriker on deviantART

Another OC Pony - Blood Rose Done for *BloodMoonWerewolf I liked the idea of the Cutie Mark included when I did Ginger Snap. So any OCs where I have to make a fresh mark, I'll be putting in this st.

Lust by on @deviantART

Flaming Heart is an evil alicorn that has the talent of breaking hearts. She used to be sweet and kind, but was misguided.

i'm drawing pinkie now! (and now I'm wishing i'd drawn them with nightmare moon-esque armor fml) you m. friendship is nightmares : applejack

friendship is nightmares : pinkie by sockl on deviantART

friendship is nightmares : fluttershy by sockl on deviantART