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They headless horsewomen (CC) & Her horse (Tails)

Tails is a little sore that CC’s costume is cooler than his. I imagine when she first came up with the idea she made it extra creepy by taking her synthetic skin and fur off so she’d be this scary.

E-vay Says...

xsherryblossomx: “ I swear it was originally Sonic and Amy but they didn’t fit and then I thought OMG TAILS AND CC and it just…. Atlantis was a great movie and needs more recognition.

Blood Rose OC Heart Pony by pyrestriker on deviantART

Another OC Pony - Blood Rose Done for *BloodMoonWerewolf I liked the idea of the Cutie Mark included when I did Ginger Snap. So any OCs where I have to make a fresh mark, I'll be putting in this st.