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Foto d'epoca - historic photo of Mercedes 280SL "Pagoda"
Ricardo Bonfill purchased this abandoned cement factory in the early 1970s and spent the past 40 years making it into his home and office. More pics on the blog
In 1973, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill purchased a WWI-era cement factory near Barcelona… What He Did With it Will Blow Your Mind – The Home Designer Co.
In our working lives, we are in many ways still stuck in the age of the Industrial Revolution. When the masses worked in factories, the office support personnel worked the same hours, or at least ‘regular working hours’ and commuted daily to central offices. Perhaps there was a sense that all workers needed to be …
Private Villa, Sector 4 by Le Corbusier + Pierre Jeanneret. Photo by Manuel Bougot #pool
Andre Putman
Modern Bathroom in Australia. Love all the different tile sizes. From the August 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. Photography by Peter Bennetts.
Soft pink tiles soften the appearance of this bathroom.
This modern loft apartment by Adrian Amore is a trip for the eyes. The architecture alone in this space is beautiful. The white swirling shapes cast shadows
#bathroom #design by Alex Gasca and Hélène Silvy-Leligois++ #shower