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vagalumie:  I have to make lettering for my illustration class but I never do this, so made this quote by @maggie-stiefvater as a trainning.
maggie-stiefvater:  After sleeping and debating and discussing and looking through all of the entries again, I’ve chosen this piece as the winner of the Raven Cycle art contest. It’s by xaliandrea. There were dozens of entries (you can see many by clicking on The Raven Cycle tag, but to see all you have to individually go through the comments on the original post) and the attention to detail and collective time spent by readers was both amazing and flattering. Choosing was a slow horror. I…
galaxyspeaking:  So I read maggie-stiefvater‘s Raven Cycle in two days, count me in for teenagers obsessed with dead welsh kings ! Here’s a scene from the third book, because  I really, really liked it.  WHUT!
Blue Sargent genderbend by theshardsofmyheart on DeviantArt