Czesław Fila
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The idea was to turn the computer into a tube device. Moreover, the aim was to make it functional and showy due to abundance of lamps and their size. The test heads enable to control voltage in the computer, intensity of air cooling, activity of the hard disk, and energy consumption of the processor. The device called Iron Felix can change its filling fast and easy.

Since I can't read Russian, I have no idea how to otherwise label and attribute this dieselpunk computing tower. But that won't stop me from gazing longingly at it. - And I thought water cooled clear case was cool!

Border of purple African Daisies, Lobelia, Sea Lavender, and silvery Dusty Miller hugs a pool in Scottsdale, AZ.

Borders don't have to be large or complex to have visual impact; just four or five well-chosen plants can work wonders. Here, a border of purple African daisies, lobelia, sea lavender and silvery dusty Miller hugs a pool.