Jedrzej Olszewski

Jedrzej Olszewski

Jedrzej Olszewski
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Krystyna Danuta Łopata, Kram Szepczące Kruki

Pretty faces in pretty kit.maybe its just a reenactor thing, but sometimes I can't tell which I find more attractive: the person or their kit.

Slavic costumes - early medieval Poland (picture from Rękawka festival in Kraków)

COSTUMES: early medieval Poland Various Slavic costumes (with the focus on dresses, jewellery and accessories) and a few ones of noticeable Viking influences. All pictures are from Rękawka 2014 - the.

gold embroidered ocheliye/band - 11-12th century/ Ancient Ukrainian woman headdress. Ukrainian women of Kievan Rus. Ancient jewellry of Ukrainian women. Kievan Rus / Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian traditions, Ukrainian style, Ukrainian roots, Ukrainian beauty / Украшения и головной убор украинских женщин времен Киевской Руси.

These are called temple rings. I'm still figuring out my complete design for Haaldyn characters. I like this way of fancy adornment for those Haaldyn women who adhere more closely to being covered.