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Disney lied in that movie so much that our mythology teacher had us name the similarities instead of the differences to the actual myth.

This bugged me so much watching the movie. And then Zeus made Pegasus out of a cloud. He's Poseidon's kid! I started screaming when we were watching it in class. My teacher got annoyed -.

Best thing ever

How every book by Rick Riordan ends BEST GIF EVER Bahahaha!<---as a fan of both rick riordan and ryan higa, my approval of this gif is exceedingly high. And the sass fits rick very nicely :)

Crazy Dolphin

"Save yourselves!"It is to late for us!"Then he gasped and pointed to the spot where Frank was hiding.Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!"Nothing happened."I said" Percy repeated,"Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!

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Has he met the fandom? Not many seven year olds would even be able to read a book this size. Or handle the feelz. HoO is a teens book.)<<All of them are teens books<< yup

This wouldn't be me but this is hilarious

But I don't want to mess with Caleo. these are the difficult choices in life.<<<<<< pssssh liar we all know if we met a fictional character we would totally disrupt our otps

Every single time I get on Pinterest I see a spoiler about a TV show I am watching!

I hate book spoilers. Divergent was spoiled for me. TFIOS was spoiled for me. The Book Thief was spoiled for me. Looking For Alaska has been spoiled and I haven't even started it. Last but not least, House of Hades was spoiled for me.