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Alicja Czeberkus-Bonk

Alicja Czeberkus-Bonk
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In previous posts I have touched upon the fact that most medieval marriages were arranged, often with little consideration for the feelings of those involved. This was true for both the groom and t…

jothelibrarian: Pretty medieval manuscript of the day depicts a tender embrace. Read more about this manuscript on the Walters Museum website. Image source: Walters Museum MS Image declared as public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

*CULTIVOS Y FASES DE LA LUNA* - Astrologos del Mundo

Medieval Health Handbook, dated before based on observations of medical order detailing the most important aspects of food, beverages and clothing.

The Witch’s Ride    The besom (broom), pole or stang are well known horses for the witch’s ride to the sabbat and otherworldly realms.  Possibly one of the earliest European depictions of a woman riding a pole or besom is in Le Champion de Dames (The Champion of Women) written by Martin le Franc in 1451 and illuminated by Peronet Lamey.

marginalia of the earliest known illustrated example of a witch on a broomstick in the 1451 manuscript, Hexenflug der Vaudoises (Flight of the Witches), authored by Martin Le France (via Letterology: Halloween Heresy & heracliteanfire)