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sylvester57_1105463971_r19_cabrio.jpg (595×341)

sylvester57_1105463971_r19_cabrio.jpg (595×341)

OMG OMG OMG! This is a jewel! Lol

YEEESSS I want the pip boy watch I'd randomly stop in public with my wrist to my face so when ppl ask me what I'm doing I'll say I'm equipping my assault rifle and using my last stimpack XD <-- op, lol

Top 5 Coil Guns - Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

David just introduced us into our next project which will be a coil gun. This is a very high tech, high powered coil gun. Although ours probably won't be as cool as this ours will be made from the circuit from the flash of a disposable camera.

Picture of Make a Live USB to boot from a USB drive

Make a Live USB to boot from a USB drive.Some Linux distros are designed to fit on a small USB, but choose one that fits with the way you like to work. First, of course make sure your potential host machine will boot from USB

Dot Matrix Printer from a CD or DVD Reader with Arduino

Some time ago while going through the pages here in Instructables, something catch my attention, a printer made of a CD reader, and i was amazed.