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Vintage Polish Exhibit/Promotional Posters

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During the communist era in Poland, exhibitions, especially of classical and contemporary art, were frequent and geographically widespread, leading to the creations of numerous exhibit posters which graphically captured the essence of the individual presentations.

Cepelia, c. 1965, by Hubert Hilscher

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UNESCO, 1982, by Rafal Olbinski

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"I like Polish bike!", 1966, by Witold Janowski

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Cepelia, 1973, by Jan Mlodozeniec

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Moscow 1980 Olympics, 1977, by Leonard Konopelski

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Poland: Theater & Society, c. 1972, by Jan Lenica

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International Children's Day, 1973, by Maciej Urbaniec

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Polish Theater Posters Exhibit, 1975, by Jan Sawka