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Hovers Over Water™ Creates Lenticular Animation for Adidas Packaging - World Brand Design Society
Hovers Over Water - Adidas 'THE PACK' by Hovers Over Water™ - World Brand Design Society / Create a memorable story and packaging experience depicting the transition of athletes from the streets to the field of play in support of THE PACK, Adidas' premiere sport-inspired apparel and footwear collection.
a hand is holding a cardboard box on a table with scissors and other items in it
black and white photograph of many circles with cats on them, all over the place
cynamon ❤️ cats-stickers
several pieces of paper with black and white designs on them, some are cut out to look like eyeballs
hang tags & labels
several labels and tags on a table with some type of device next to them,
hang tags & labels
package Cards, Bags, Card Case, Wallet, Case, Clutch