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*turns red and looks at fellow Ereri shipper* Help. *she looks at pic* *stares surprised* Uh, eh, um, I, *sighs* I don't know want to do. *turns red and looks away* *i whisper to self* Lets just hope the teacher doesn't notice.

Aot body pillow

eren pillows Attack on titan I love all their designs but I LOVE Levi's design the best. And I love the fact that It looks like Levi, Hanji, and Mikasa want body pillows with their designs. Am I wrong?

Levi x Eren <3 SnK

Me: *walks in* Levi eren? Levi and Eren: *kissing* Me: Levi er- *blushes* Levi: *looks my way* what brat? Me: n-nothing sir um I'm done with cleaning Levi: your nose.