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The Evolving Web Design Trends! Infographic

The evolving web design trends! Web design trends are evolving at a fast pace. Trends represent popular techniques for good reason, but make sure it’s best for your user

Cyberpunk, The Toolbox by Webcomicfan on deviantART

By popular demand, here's the original art for the "Toolbox" card from the Android: Netrunner board game. The Toolbox


Lesson Defining linear perspective and discovering perspective in paintings from the Renaissance period. Lesson Essential Questions: What is the value of engaging in the process of art.

15 Beautiful Examples of Web Design Inspiration | Part 3

Stephan Vanfleteren website by Tim Bisschop - Photography sites are all about the details as the mold has been set.

This is an image of a video game design tips info-graphic. This image meets my mastery needs. In the future I want to be considered the best video game designer, and I want to be able to help others, and be able to be the one giving tips.

Video game designers are extremely passionate about their jobs. At least according to a few very successful video game designers we spoke to about how.