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This recipe is a keeper. The best part? They last in your fridge for up to 2 months

Refrigerator cucumber salad

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Candied orange peel recipe

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Pickled beets

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Elevate your cooking with this homemade Spanish rice mix. With simple ingredients and a burst of authentic flavors, this DIY mix adds a delicious twist to your favorite rice dishes.

Meals in a jar

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Recipe Clipping For Chili Sauce  similar to my grandmother's chili sauce


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Healthy powder, veggies

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Homemade strawberry jam

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Dessert toppings

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Syrup recipe

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Spiced Christmas Jam - One Hundred Dollars a Month

Candied strawberries recipe

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The process of making ham jerky is simple and hassle-free. Learn how to do this treat by reading this tutorial. #ham #meatrecipe #jerky #meatappetizers #jerkyrecipe


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Cheese powder

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Preserve the essence of summer with our easy-to-follow recipe for canning blackberry pie filling. Enjoy the convenience of having delicious, ready-to-use filling for all your baking needs!

Pie filling

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Long term food storage

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Pickles recipe

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When the melons are ripening faster than we can keep up with them, it's time to make some lightly-sweetened cantaloupe jam.

Gifts Sauces in a jar

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45min · 9 servings     9 medium-sized fresh beets  3 tablespoons red wine vinegar  1 teaspoon kosher salt

Dehydrated vegetables

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Discover a delightful way to prepare dehydrated cantaloupe that will delight the entire family. Uncover the secret behind this mouthwatering treat right here.

Dehydrating fruit

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Dehydrating, powdered recipes

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It is so easy to make these DIY dehydrated pumpkin dog chews at home. They're simple, delicious and your dog will love them!
Homemade Dehydrated Dog Treats recipes are easier than you think. We made our s with peanut butter and the recipe is flexible, you can make these dog treats gluten-free, with or without bacon. And more great options.

Dehydrating dog treats

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Beef jerky

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Oxygen absorbers for tea and coffee help them fight against spoilage, nutrition loss, insect & worm damage, change in taste and aroma, and colour change and prevent the growth of unwanted organisms. Therefore, the smell that wakes up your brain is preserved completely with oxygen absorbers. While there are several other ways to keep oxygen away from them, oxygen absorbers are the easiest one. Easy to use retain the product's aroma and reduce the oxygen level to avoid bacteria growth.

Tips for dehydrating food

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Liquid Gold BBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce

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