Mariusz Wilczewski

Mariusz Wilczewski

Mariusz Wilczewski
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Katarzyna Gójska-Hejke

Lęk przed realnym zagrożeniem, a nie ksenofobia


My version of how i think harry would look like when hes old ^^ i guess people would wounder about the scar ? Old Harry Potter


Thorin Color Pencil Drawing I used water based color pencils from Derwent to make this drawing Im thinking of doing prints ( for the first time ) some t.


Brillante Crossover de Ian McKellen protagonista de El Hobbit / Gandalf y 'X-Men' / Magneto ~~ and Ian McKellen is Gandalf Lord of The Rings Movie

by dinotomic

Elsa Color Pencil Drawing Elsa the Fire princess, wanted to do a small twist. So this is how i picture he if she would be controlling fire instead of ice. Everything was done using pastel colo.